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Why should I trust you with my account?

This is the number one question we recieve, which is perfectly acceptable. We like to live in a world where trust is earnt, not given. Taking that first step is always a risk. Especially since you have spent so long on any previous trophies on the account. Allow us to put your mind at ease.


Our only purpose for this website is to make money, we have 0% interest in your account, and we will explain why. We get everything from the PSN store 100% free, any trophies we want we can simply get them ourselves, but most importantly, we want you coming back, so in order for this to happen you need to be completely satisfied with our services and have an account.

How do you own so many games?

We've been  long time gamers now for many many many years, and over time built up a huge collection. We also often visit video game stores and hunt through their used and discounted sections for games we maybe missing. Using websites like Craigslist and eBay also helps.


I don't see a game on your list, can I request it?

Of course. Our aim is to eventually own every game, we are always open to requests to expand our collection.

Can I go online while you get my trophies?

Of course, all trophies will be earnt offline and we will send you a message 1 hour prior to syncing, we will then log on and sync (takes around 45 seconds) and then message you once again when the sync is complete so you can log on and continue where you left off.

I've started a game, can you finish it?

Yes sir! We can pick up wherever you have left off, no matter how little or big the challenge is, our number 1 goal is customer satisfaction and we aim to assit you. We can even finish off DLC's aswell providing we have the game.

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