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 We are familiar with what trophies should be earned before others, and how far apart they should be. We have been legit trophy hunters now for over 7 years therefore we know a lot about the popular games and not so popular.


You can tell us a start and end date, and we'll carefully go through each trophy putting the correct times (we also look at legit trophy hunters for correct times and compare).


We are also aware that certain games can't have the platinum anymore, so we put the dates before that's happened. DLC trophies will not be added before the DLC was released. Basically you are not only paying for a safe and secure platinum, but a quality service.


Furthermore we can download most games if not all, we have premium accounts with the top downloading websites, and we're subscribed to a number of people who upload video games.


We have 25TBs of space, and download the latest PS3 games as soon as they're released! There is no job too small. If you would like a game that isn't on our list please contact us. Payment must be made upfront.


Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


You Pay
We Play

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